CCM Jetspeed Control Hockey Stick

Curve: P90TM
Stick Hand: Left Hand
Stick Flex: 70
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The CCM Jetspeed Control Hockey Stick is the ultimate choice for players looking to enhance their game on the ice. This high-performance hockey stick features advanced technology and design elements that will take your play to the next level. The Jetspeed Control stick is engineered for maximum power, control, and accuracy, making it a versatile option for players of all skill levels.

The key feature of the Jetspeed Control stick is its lightweight construction, which allows for quick, agile movements on the ice. The stick's Shaft Technology provides a comfortable grip and optimal feel for better stick handling. The Hybrid Flex Profile allows for a quick release and improved accuracy on shots, making it a potent weapon in your arsenal.

The CCM Jetspeed Control Hockey Stick is designed for durability and performance, giving you confidence to dominate in every game. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring amateur, this stick is sure to elevate your performance on the ice. Upgrade your game with the CCM Jetspeed Control Hockey Stick and experience the difference in your play.